Green Stock News: Corporate All Access Interview Series | Prospect Ridge Resources ($PRRSF) (CSE:PRR) Nick Luksha President & Director

Stock Symbols. CSE:PRR – $PRRSF

Mr. Luksha is the managing partner of Tesoro Capital Partners and has over 15 years of business experience in capital markets.

Nick, Can you introduce yourself to our audience, and your involvement with Prospect Ridge, along with your partnership with Michael Iverson, founder of Fortuna Silver Mines, a multi-billion dollar company?

Topics Discussed:

1. Central banks around the world are about to raise rates for the first time in over a decade. Historically, rate hikes have led to an average of 30% appreciation for gold, How profitable is gold mining at those prices?

2. Many well-known billion-dollar producers have reported depleted mines and have also expressed dire conditions, when it comes to being able to discover new deposits. How rare is it to discover an economically-sized gold or silver mine?

3. Michael Iverson, the legendary mining executive, came out of retirement to lead, as CEO, a company called Prospect Ridge Resources, ticker symbol PRRSF; I mean, finances are obviously not a concern for him, having founded billion-dollar companies, so this must have been highly compelling for him to roll up your sleeves again.

4. What is so special about Prospect Ridge and When Do you Start Drilling?

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