Knauss Creek

The Knauss Creek property has 35 mineral claims covering approximately 2,944 hectares.

The property creates a contiguous block with existing mineral claims in the Holy Grail. Which we believe to be highly prospective and consistent with high-grade mineralization observed on the property, including the historical Dorreen Mine.

Knauss Creek

Located near Terrace, BC

The Property lies in the “Golden Triangle” area of northwestern BC where extensively occurring precious and base-metal mineralization have historically been discovered.

The Knauss Creek Property is being explored for polymetallic veins and potential associated skarn and porphyry mineralization within an orogenic geological environment. Placer deposits were mined in creeks adjacent, west and east, to the Property during the early part of the 20th century.

In 1912, the Dorreen gold vein was discovered and developed intermittently from 1914 to 1952. The mine focused on a gold-bearing quartz vein hosted along a bedding fault plane in argillite near a dioritic intrusion.

Exploration at the Property has already begun with geological mapping and geochemical sampling. Management of the Company expects that this work will significantly expand the Company’s knowledge of the complex vein system and refine targets.