A new company from the precious metals sector is making the rounds. Prospect Ridge Resources (PRR) is a Canadian explorer in the precious metals sector. The Company’s two critical projects are in Terrace, British Columbia and Val d’Or, Quebec. The debt-free company owns over 70,000 hectares, where recent notable discoveries in gold and silver have taken place. Some of the projects originated from Placer Gold’s former mines. In the Douglas Creek section, which is still active today, there have been historic bonanza discoveries of up to 10 ounces. Such “golden nuggets” are unique and enhance the character of the land area.

Located 10 km north of Terrace, the “Holy Grail” project is adjacent to the Golden Triangle. The property is easily accessible and served by several roads, logging roads, and a three-phase power line. It allows for cost-effective exploration and ensures the feasibility of engineering work. The Holy Grail block includes 12 high-grade gold and silver hard rock mines within a 15 km radius. Recent exploration dating back to 2020 has shown several outcrops with exceptional gold values of up to 984 g/t over an area of 3.5 by 6.5 km. Current activities include soil sampling, UAV surveys and a 2000m drill program. The second project near Val d’Or covers 839 hectares and consists of 15 claims. Here too, over CAD 100,000 will soon be invested in exploration.

Prospect Ridge Resources’ shares have been listed in Frankfurt since the beginning of November. The number of fully diluted shares is 59.6 million, bringing the current value to CAD 103 million. In Canada, the average daily turnover is 150,000 shares. The PRR share is an excellent value to participate in the current gold and silver rally.